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Update Your Resume: Current Trends

If you resume is a little old you might want to consider updating it. There are new trends in the world of Calgary recruiters, hiring managers and resumes. If you are not getting the response you would like from your resume, it might be time to update it with some of these current trends.

  • Keep it Simple: One of the biggest resume trends for 2015 is to simplify your resume. The format for your resume in 2015 should be “modern” – sleek lines with little or no fluff. No excessive styles or line breaks. No pictures or designs on the pages. Be concerned with content and not format. Function not form. Put your efforts into how your resume presents your skills and experience in a way that matches up well with what the employer needs and what the hiring manager will be looking for. Keep the fonts simple and the entire look of the resume clean, minimalistic and flat in the styling.
  • Technical Skills and Experience: There is no slowing down the growth of technology and the need for some technological skills no matter what type of job you are applying for. Make these skills and experience the highlights of your resume. Make sure they stand out. How can you do this? List them together under special skills or technical experience toward the top of your resume and list them again under the job or project you used them in. Make sure you include any software you are proficient in whether it be Microsoft Office or engineering software. Don’t leave anything off no matter how trivial you might think it is. No experience with technology is trivial. On the one hand express your comfort level with using technology daily, but don’t use internal jargon that the hiring manager might not understand. Communication is key and if the hiring manager doesn’t know what you are talking about because of your use of jargon, you won’t get the job.
  • Is the Chronological Resume Dead? There was a time when we all knew the correct format for a resume. Start with your education then your current job and its responsibilities and progress back through every job you have had since acquiring that education. This is still a valid approach but it is probably not your most successful approach. Neither am I saying you should embrace the functional resume. The current trend is somewhere in between. The current trend is to place relevant experience ahead of chronological experience. The most important information on your resume is that which is relevant to the hiring manager. You can still use a chronological resume if you want to as long as you have a section at the top that reviews the skills you have that the manager wants and shows how you used those skills.
  • Think Global: Resumes are no longer done on paper but rather they are done online. The next trend to take hold in this technological world is the inclusion of other electronic documents with your resume. This means you need to be on social media sites and have developed professional profiles on these sites. Submit this profile along with your resume.

Taking advantage of just one or two of these ideas might make the difference between getting that interview or falling into the no interest file.