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The importance of speaking English to get a Job in Calgary

Calgary is a large city with great opportunities for professional growth. That is the reason many have moved to Calgary, in search of new opportunities, and many more will come to this city. Canada has two official languages, French and English, with English being the most commonly spoken.

If you have recently moved to Calgary or are currently thinking about moving and in search of jobs and opportunities for financial growth, one of the important steps to take is to try and learn/improve your English as much as you can. Most jobs in Calgary will require you to be fluent in English and you will need to provide employers with a well written resume (in English). However, you will need more than a well written resume. You will also need to be able to answer all of their interview questions as best as you can in order to secure the job.

When I first decided to move from Brazil, to the U.S., I knew of the importance of learning how to speak English. I took a few different English courses for a few years, however that was not enough, I also attempted to watch more movies and TV shows in English and listen to songs in English.  All of that together, helped me improve my English somewhat. However, the only way to truly improve is through practice, practice speaking English with other, practice interviewing for jobs with a friend or even in the mirror. My English improved over the years, once I got over my fear of talking to others in their native language (English).

Moving to Canada was much easier, because by then I had become fluent in English which helped me when I was searching and applying for jobs and interviewing for them as well. For those who want to pursuit a career in the customer service industry it is extremely important to be able to communicate well in English. So my tip to you is to practice and practice and practice, don’t be discouraged by your accent or feeling like you cannot pronounce certain words. You will only get better at it through practicing it and trying to improve your English Daily. Practice for those job interviews you will get once you start applying for jobs!!! I wish all new comers, who like me English is their second language, good luck.

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