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Switching Careers For A Better Work Life Balance? Crazy Or Worth It?

I remember having a conversation with someone, a while ago, about a girl who dropped everything to go in search of her happiness. That someone did not view that as a smart choice, rather as an outrageous choice, as if that girl had just thrown her life away. She quit a “good job” that gave her a good pay to travel, do some soul searching and decided to become a Yoga Instructor. But is it that outrageous? What does that person really know about said girl’s life and what led her to make that choice? Is it that crazy to want to do something that pays less but brings you happiness?

Sure, at first it seems like a crazy idea to drop a job in which you get paid well and travel across the world to become a yoga instructor. But truth is, I don’t know this girl and I can’t make any assumptions about how crazy her decision of a career change and life change really is. I am not in her shoes, I don’t know how unhappy she was with her work, or if money is even an issue to her. To some, money is one of the most important things, or the prestige of a big corporate job. But to others, happiness isn’t having a big corporate job and having lots of money. Maybe she will make enough money to cover her needs as a yoga instructor and hat is all she needs to be happy.

Maybe switching careers into one that would pay less than what you currently make but will bring you a lot more peace of mind, happiness and freedom is not so bad after all. Who am I to judge? Or really who is anyone outside of you to judge what is best for your life? The truth is, only you can decide what is best for you. Calgary is a big city filled with opportunities, but so is the world and you don’t have to settle for a job just because the salary is great. I mean if the salary is great and the work is something that you don’t mind doing or even enjoy doing then by all means go for it!!! But don’t settle just because everyone tells you should, because they won’t be the ones living your life.

The job market is very extensive and competitive in Calgary, yet only a small percentage of people get to work with something they are passionate about. The majority either settles for a job that pays well or just having a job, while others are still on that search. New opportunities appear every day and you never know where they may lead you. You don’t need to quit your job to then start looking for another opportunity out other. As a friend once told me, it is easier to find a job when you already have one. But if you need some soul searching to find what it is that you want, maybe taking a break and using some vacation days to do some much-needed thinking is a good idea. As the Nike Slogan says, “just Do It!”.  Just do what is best for your life!

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