Social Service Jobs

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Serving Your Community through Your Work

If you are looking for a job in Calgary that will allow you to serve your community and make a difference in people’s lives, we have some suggestions for you. You might not get rich in these roles but you reap the intangible rewards that come from helping others in your own community. So if you have a degree in social sciences and a desire to serve, here are some options that you should find in just about any Calgary community.

Social Service and Community Service Jobs

  • Probation and Parole Officers: In these jobs you have the chance to help a released prisoner as they re-enter and readjust to society. You are also helping the community at large as the ex-prisoner is absorbed back into society. This job requires a degree and pays about $48-50,000.
  • Health Care Workers including Educators and Community Workers: In these jobs you are taking on some responsibility for the health of your community. You might be a Diabetes Educator or you might be encouraging wellness for individuals and businesses. You might be teaching how to achieve wellness goals. You might be employed by a business, a private medical practice, school, or government setting. These jobs pay about $42,000 a year.
  • Social Worker: You can get a start on this career with a BSW (Bachelor of Social Work) and you might need to get an MSW (Master of Social Work) to further your career. As a social worker you can help individuals with coping with addictions and life, help society by providing assistance to individuals in need. Social workers earn around $45,000 per year. It is also expected that this field will have a 19% rate of growth over the next 7 years or so.
  • Counselors – Marriage, Couples, Family, Mental Health. In this position you help the community by assisting individuals through hard times and attempting to keep families together. You might be a mental health counselor helping people deal with emotional and mental issues. Most of these types of positions demand a Master’s degree or even a Ph.D. This field is expected to grow by 29% through 2022. This might just be the fastest growing community service field. These jobs pay about $41,500.
  • Rehabilitation Counselors: This counseling job helps people with either physical or emotional disabilities to be able to live independently in the community. They help with employment or at home work; social situations; managing one’s emotions. Once again the majority of these jobs require a master’s degree and they pay about $34,000 a year.

There are still other jobs that allow you to serve your community and care for yourself and your family at the same time. This is just a sample. Others that come to mind include Education Counselors, Substance Abuse counselors, Career Counselors and Community Organizers.

The majority of these “help the community” type jobs require an undergraduate four year degree. Depending on the position, they might accept a degree in sociology, social work, criminology, anthropology, psychology and social-psychology.