Remember the Thank You

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Remember the Thank You

The interview is over and you feel great about it. Some of what you feel is relief that this stage of the process is over. Most of you thinks the entire process is over and all you have to do now is wait for your offers to come in. If this is you, then you are making a big mistake. What is it? What have you forgotten? Only the final step in nailing down the job – the after interview process.

In the after interview process there are several steps that you don’t want to miss if you want to land your dream job in Calgary.

  • Ask for a timeline on the decision making process. You have a right to know how long it will be. Remember this is important so that you don’t bug the hiring manager and create a negative impression,
  • You should also make sure you send a thank you note to the hiring manager and .everyone you met with at your interview.  Don’t send it too soon or you might appear desperate for the job. Wait for 48 hours after the interview before you send the thank you.
  • Spell-check any email or thank you note before you send it out.
  • .After the interview, stay off the social media unless you can absolutely refrain from commenting on the interview, the job search or the companies you have interviewed with.  However if the hiring manager asks you to communicate with them on a site like Linked In – do so.
  • Don’t send multiple follow up messages as this is both annoying and time consuming for the company. Being too aggressive could even cost you the job.
  • Do what you say you will do. If you say you will send references the next day, and then send them the next day. Don’t drag your feet if you want the job.
  • After you have sent the thank you card, follow up with a detailed letter that explains how your skills and experience fit the job as you understand it from your interview with him.  Make sure you include a few paragraphs about how you can and how you intend to help them to meet their goals and to thrive.

If there is more than one interviewer make sure you are in touch with all of them and not just the one that seems to be making the decision. Send your follow-up letter to each interviewer but personalize it. Do not assume that only one person makes the final decision when it might be made by committee. Make sure you are making some personal comment about every single interviewer, no matter how much time you spent with that person. Don’t forget the secretary and administrative assistants.

Most people think that networking is something you do before the interview and then you are done with it. The best candidates do their networking after the interview. Talk to everyone and anyone you know who can put in a good word for you with the hiring manager.

So just remember that your job does not stop just because the interview is over. If you really want the job follow these guidelines.