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Making Your Workspace Productive

You have a good job and you are a gung-ho, get ahead, young sales executive in Calgary. You work hard, you work long hours and your sales are excellent. Your sales reports however leave something to be desired and you believe you could be even more successful if you could figure out how to be selling more than you are doing office work.

There could be many reasons for this struggle to be more productive. It could be about time management or it could be about not being good at the reporting aspects of the job. But you believe you are very good about both of these. Yet one look at your workspace will give the observer a pretty good set of skills. You need to make your workspace more productive.

De-clutter for Productivity

One of the best things you can do to increase your productivity is to de-clutter your workspace. Why? Because it is a whole lot easier to write that report if you can find your notes and statistics for the month without spending a 30-60 minutes rummaging through all the stacks and piles on your desk.

A cluttered and unorganized work space will cost you time and time is productivity. But as busy as you are the question where do you start is almost overwhelming. Where to start? You don’t have an office. You have a larger than usual cubicle but it is overflowing with paper, office supplies, and personal items.

  • Start by cutting on the personal items. This is especially true of the high value space on your desk. If you can, you should use the cubicle walls for personal stuff, not the desk.  However, the less personal stuff the better. Don’t create visual clutter that can distract your focus and make it look like you are disorganized and sloppy. Keep the personal and decorative in your workspace to a maximum of no more than 30% of the space. Just keep the most important things, those that motivate you to be successful.
  • Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. I know you have heard this all before but it is true. It works. Handle each piece of paper (or electronic paper) only once. For real paper try using colour coded files that are kept either in a desktop file holder or a wall based one. Colour code by priority. Now label each file you put in the holder. Anything due in the next week goes in one colour, those due monthly in another and every piece of paper that relates to this function goes in that file. Now clean up your electronic desktop. Every email or document related to the monthly report goes in a file labeled monthly report, which goes in a folder labeled due monthly.
  • This is another one that you have heard over and over again. Try it until it becomes a habit because it works. Organize your desk every day at the end of the day. Move appropriate paperwork to the right file and then do the same with your electronic paper.


If you do this you will find that you are more productive. You will be able to find what you need when you need it. You will save time and that alone will make you more productive. You will hit the ground running every morning because you organized the night before. These are the habits of successful people and they should be yours as well.