Perform Your Interview

Handing him her resume

How to Turn Your Interview into a Winning Performance

Once your resume has been accepted and reviewed, the next most important part of the job hunting process is the interview. The interview is feared by most job seekers and not exactly looked forward to by hiring managers. We are all a little wary of the interview. Why? As a hiring manager we are wary of a boring interview or someone wasting time we cannot afford to waste. The candidate is afraid of blowing their chance at a job they might really want.

As a hiring manager in Calgary, you might be into Performance Based Interview (PBI), a method of increasing the effectiveness of the process. PBI is interviewing for insight into the potential performance of the candidate once he is on the job. It is intended to increase the effectiveness of interview for selecting the right candidate. The interviewer lays out the skills needed in the job and structures the interview in a way that will lead the candidate to give examples of using those skills. This manner of interviewing might also be called competency based.

If the interviewer has this kind of tool, then the interviewee should have some tools as well. One powerful tool is to treat the interview as a “performance”   Here are some ways to do so.

  • Treat the interview as performance. Know your lines. Prepare in advance to present you skills and experience and your ideas and plans for the new job. Practice your presentation over and over until you can do it in your sleep.
  • Do your homework on the kind of job you are applying for and learn what you can about it before the interview.  If you can, you should look at the Quality Standards Handbook for the job.
  • Look over the duties of the new job and script out your performance. Practice your role.
  • Tell stories of your past experiences and how they fit into the job you are applying for.
  • Look your best. Even if you see what you wear as a costume. Wear what you expect your interviewer to be wearing. This is a very important part of your performance so do not overlook it. If your “costume” is for a circus and the interview is for a physician you will not get the job. If your interview is for the physician role you need to dress like a physician. Another hint on dress is to consider how your interviewer is going to be dressed and dress in that same manner.
  • Think positive and you will exude confidence. Confidence will win many battles that you would not have won without it. Also the more appropriately you are dressed, the more confident you are the better you will actually interview.

This is only a small sample of the ways you can turn your interview into a performance in order to win the job. Prepare a script, know your lines, know your interviewer’s lines, practice your role and finally wear a costume that is appropriate for the role you want to play and you should land your dream job in Calgary in no time.