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What Matters to Workers in 2015

As the Calgary economy gets stronger and folks have more choices again in where they work and what field they work in, there are certain things that come to the forefront as most important for almost all workers. So as confidence in the economy continues to rise, so too does demand for those things that matter most to workers in 2015.

Of course pay is important but for the true professional, money is seldom the most important factor but only one of the top five factors. So aside from money what is it that matters to today’s worker in Calgary?

  • Benefits are critical but an awful lot of things fall into the category of benefits. Recent surveys show the most time honored benefit of all is still the one that matters the most to today’s workers – employer provided health care. However even as employees still believe this is the most important benefit, employers are cutting back, increasing both premiums and deductibles. It seems that any assistance with health insurance is needed and appreciated and at the top of the list for workers in 2015.
  • Flexibility has become more and more important to workers as the Baby Boomers retire and age, their replacements become even more concerned with the care of their aging parents than the Baby Boomers were. Half day schedules, three quarter day schedules, 4 day work weeks, ability to take time off without notice…all these things are becoming increasingly more important to workers today.
  • Teams/Fellowship/Sense of Family among coworkers including management. Some of the most successful companies today are ones that offer this to their employees in a wide variety of ways. At one high tech pharmaceutical company out west, the CEO comes around with a coffee and drink cart on Friday afternoons and serves all his employees.
  • Meaningful work is vital to workers today. People no longer work for a paycheck or at one company for their entire lives. Loyalty has been replaced by the need for meaningful work. At this type of company the executive staff spends a lot of time sharing with all the employees the vision of the company, where it is going, what its values are and how it plans to meet its mission. Workers want to feel a part of the vision and connected to the mission.
  • Workers want to be valued by executives – not by platitudes, written statements in an employee handbook – but by the flesh and blood people who run the company and make the policies. They want managers who listen and companies that give them the training and the tools that they need to succeed.
  • The right kind of perks are also appreciated by today’s worker such as take your dog/cat to work policies, gyms and cafeterias (with healthy, inexpensive and delicious offerings),yoga classes and incentives for workers to use mass transit or car pool. Paying attention to the issues and charities that matter to workers also is appreciated.

There are more ways a company in Calgary can tap into the deep needs and desires of their workforce. But implementing a few of these at a time will help rebuild that sense of loyalty to the company and make the workers want to stay.