Manners Matter

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Remember Your Manners           

Manners?  I know. You thought this was a career blog. What do manners have to do with getting the job you want?  It would appear from the comments of hiring managers and recruiting personnel that manners have everything to do with getting the job you want in Calgary.   

Why are manners and social etiquette important in your work environment? Do you remember the most important thing about interviewing? You have once chance to make a first impression. Your first impression often determines whether someone gets a job or not.  Your first impression can determine whether you make the sale or not. That first impression can decide how your boss feels about you for a long time.

Manners greatly influence that first impression.  So what do you need to know about manners and social etiquette in order to be successful on the job? Good manners are good for business. Let’s look at how.

Making a Good Impression in all You Do

We have already touched on how important the first impression is, whether in an interview setting, a first meeting with a potential sales customer or dinner with a first time client. Now take that same good first impression and follow through with it for the life of the contact. This means if you get hired by the interviewer, make the sale and gain the customer, or impress the client at dinner – you will want to carry through your good manners and your good social etiquette for as long as that relationship lasts.

Let’s look at that dinner with a new client. Where and how are your manners making an impression – good or bad?

  • Setting up the meeting: In setting up your dinner meeting with the client you might deal directly with the client or with their scheduling personnel. You need to make your first impression right here. Treat the scheduler with the same respect you would treat the client with.

Select a place to dine that meets the needs of your client and displays your feelings about the client. Choose a restaurant taking in to account how loud it is, the menu offered and how long the meal will last (considering how much business you need to complete).

  • Dining can be messy. When meeting with an important client this would be a disaster. Manners are important here. It is important that your napkin is in your lap and not on the table after you have begun to use it. It is important that what you order is eaten with a knife and fork not held in your hands. Don’t order a burger.

A big error business people make is talking their way through the meal. Only speak when your client is chewing and you are not. Eat small amounts that can be swallowed quickly if you need to respond to a comment or question.

  • Interaction with restaurant staff: Treat the waiters with respect. Pay the bill generously. Tip respectfully and in accordance with local culture. Under no circumstances should the client see the bill or know how much you spent on the meal.
  • When dinner is over, shake hands and see the client to his/her car or the restaurant entrance.

Never ever forget to be respectful and kind. This same scenario works for the interview or the sales call. Manners matter.