Lost Your Job?

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So You Lost Your Job – Now What?

So you lost your job and are now unemployed in Calgary. After about a week of shock recovery and grief, it’s time to hit the street. Now I don’t literally mean hit the street. There is preparation to do before you start talking to anyone with a job to offer.

  1. Check your finances: Find out where you stand. Believe it or not most of us do not know. What are your savings? What are your cash reserves? How about 401K, investments, insurance? All of this information will help you to decide how soon you HAVE to have a new job.
  2. Outplacement Counseling: Any outplacement counseling or job placement assistance that the company letting you go offers, you should take advantage of it. There may also be help from your college for alumni or local vocational assistance might be available.
  3. Keep to your work schedule: Don’t sleep till 10 because you don’t have a job. Don’t stay up till 3 in the morning partying because you don’t have a job. You will never get another one that way. Instead of this try to keep to the same schedule you had when working. If you got up at 5.30 am, then still get up at 5.30 am.
  4. Get your coffee. Get dressed. Go to your home office and shut the door. Now work on your resume, check job listings, responses to resumes you sent out, call friends or network contacts, make a date for lunch with someone who might be able to help you.
  5. After lunch, take time to research places you might want to work, keep any network appointments you have and set up new ones.  Then take a little of your extra time and volunteer for your favorite local organization. Many new jobs have come from volunteer work. The most important thing is to keep your time structured.
  6. Network, Network, Network. We know you have heard this over and over again until it just sounds like jargon but it is not. If you want to stay in the same industry or field in Calgary, try networking with the vendors and sales reps from your old job. This will give you a new perspective on networking. Call clients and network with them. Go to trade shows and see who you can just hook up with. Don’t try to do too much, but networking is the key in many ways to your next job.
  7. If you are unemployed for any length of time take a class/course or lecture. Check to see if there are any funds available or scholarships for the unemployed in your area. It never hurts to increase your skills.
  8. Don’t go it alone. Finally get support, get help. Find friends or coworkers who are also unemployed and spend some time with them. Form a support group that can help you all along the way. They can be happy for your success and be there for you when you get the inevitable rejections

All in all you have no time to lie in bed. You need to be up and at it first thing in the morning and sooner or later you will have that new job!