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LinkedIn – is it enough to just have an account?

With more and more of our lives going online, it comes as no surprise that a LinkedIn profile is a crucial tool in a professional’s career.

LinkedIn allows you to tell your story, connect with a network of other professionals in your industry, and find out about jobs specifically tailored to your skills.

So, LinkedIn is an online resume, business contact rolodex and job opportunity inbox where all you have to do as the user is upload your photo and experience and let the algorithms work their magic.

Or is it?

For a business, social media is not only a means of marketing, it also offers unique opportunities to connect and engage with target audiences and end users. The goal is not just to post news, but to engage and in digital conversation where your followers like, comment and share your content.

What does this mean for you as an individual?

LinkedIn is your opportunity to be an active member in a wider conversation. Here are five tips on how to make the most of your LinkedIn account.

  • Personalize invitations to connect

Don’t let the generic message go out. Convey your excitement in making the connection with a personalized message that will make the other person feel special and make them want accept your request.

  • Connect with people you don’t know yet

You’ve added everyone you’re met in your professional path. Who would you like to speak to that you may not get the chance to meet in person? LinkedIn allows you build your network within an industry.

  • Find and join groups

Joining groups opens an automatic new network and allows you stay current with industry information and potential opportunities.

  • Publish posts that show you’re engaged in your industry

Engage with you network by posting relevant content to your industry. This set you apart through the value you bring to your network.

  • Maintain your activity

Dedicate a chunk of time daily to maintaining your LinkedIn presence. Post relevant content, comment and like content your connections have posted.

LinkedIn is not just a tool to use when you’re looking for a job, it’s also platform that allows you maintain competitive in your current position, while opening you to new opportunities.

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Resume Calgary.