Keys To A Successful Workplace

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Keys to a Successful Workplace                 

Everyone wants to think they are running a successful workplace or they are working in one. But what is a successful workplace? What makes a workplace successful and challenging? Surveys among workers and executives in Calgary surprisingly agree on the major component of a successful workplace.

A Healthy Organization

What does a large logistics, delivery and freight company with over 5000 employees and a small window company with 50 employees have in common? Surprisingly it is a healthy organization. Not money, not perks, not benefits, but a healthy organization is what makes Calgary employees love where they work and want to be loyal to it.

What are the characteristics of a healthy organization?

  • A clearly defined corporate structure: The order and structure of the organization has to be clearly defined if the organization is going to be healthy. This structure must not be limiting in terms of growth and innovation.
  • Clearly defined and shared goals: The business goals must be clear and must be shared with employees so that they can and do buy in. The mission and vision of the company must be shared and employees must be committed to them. In this way the employee plays a critical role in a healthy organization.
  • Company policies are clear and available to all employees. Policies are seen as fair, implementation is consistent and discipline is immediate and fair.
  • Healthy organizations encourage and reward teamwork. Cross levels and multi-functional teams are developed and allow employs from all levels to work together and feel committed and loyal to each other.
  • Leadership and Training Opportunities are found to be high priorities in healthy organizations. Excellent leadership leads to trust between management and employees. With this trust, employees are able to accept constructive criticism. Along with this, training opportunities are readily available for employees. They can also pursue degrees, certifications and continuous education classes.
  • The healthy organization is able to take risks and is adaptable. They protect the company against any outside risks that may be inherent in the business. At the same time they are adaptable and able to change with the economy and the culture.
  • Healthy organizations are able to effectively deal with poor performance by an employee or by the organization. The input of employees on performance issues is sought by management and good ideas are implemented.
  • All of these things together lead to high morale and loyalty among workers. In a healthy organization, the employee loves to go to work and they are not afraid to say so.

Workplace Dynamics has conducted research among large and small companies across the country over an eight year period that consistently shows that this is what employees want. More than they want money, benefits or perks they want this healthy workplace.

A workplace where management, investors and employees all agree on the mission, the values, the policies and how all of these will be carried out are what matter most to employees. In a healthy organization everything and everyone is working toward the same goals and productivity soars.