Keep Doing The Work

You’ve sent your resume and you’ve landed the interview, you arrive at the perfect time, a bit nervous but eager to impress, you sit down with your interviewer, ace nearly every question, and a few days later you find… you didn’t land the job.

This can be disheartening to say the least. What was all that work for? You researched the company, thought about your answers, practiced your greeting in front of the mirror and insisted your roommate (against their will) critique your handshake technique, all for nothing.

But that’s the thing, it isn’t for nothing. Because whether you realized it or not, you were developing a skill. Interviewing is challenging, you want to exude professionalism while dripping charm. You want to show your personality enough that a potential employer can see themselves working with you, while not going overboard and regaling them at length with your tale of catching a Charmander in Pokemon Go. And above all, you want to convey your knowledge and expertise, and show an employer what you can do for their company. That’s a tall order.

The more you practice something, the better you are going to get at it. For some people being a charismatic people person comes naturally, for others it takes some work to feel comfortable. During you first interview everything is new and you may feel unsure, but when you land another interview the following week, there will come a feeling of, “Okay, I’ve done this before”, which will only grow the more you do it. Every experience can be learned from, and before you know it you will be walking into interviews with confidence, until you land your dream job.

So keep doing the work.

Resume Calgary

Staff Writer