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Jobs in Materials Management and Transportation

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Good Jobs in Materials Management and Transportation

If you are interested in working in the transportation or materials management fields in Calgary, there are plenty of jobs to be had. Some are excellent, high paying jobs that require extensive training or advanced degrees. Others are entry level and require only a high school diploma, yet they have the potential for advancement and growth. The highest paying jobs are in the human transportation area while some materials management positions in businesses and organizations are entry level.

There is such diversity in the transportation industry in Calgary and that is reflected in the pay as well. Depending on where you live and what you background is, you might find an abundance of jobs or you might find none. The same is true with the pay. Do your homework in your own location to find out what is available.

Starting with the most lucrative, here are examples of some transportation industry jobs.

Air Traffic Controllers

Despite the continued long hours and high stress levels, air traffic controllers are still one of the best paid of the transportation industry jobs with an average of about $122,500. At the same time there is very little growth in this field. The open jobs will come through attrition within an industry predicted to grow at only 1% for the next decade.

Because their job is of such high importance and so many lives are in their hands, candidates must have at least an associate degree, pass the FAA pre-employment test and background and medical checks. There is also a course from the FAA Academy that candidates must also pass.

Airline Pilots

Pilots’ can make almost as much as an air traffic controller but not quite, at an average pay of $98,500. Again we find less than a 1% growth in the next ten years. A bachelor’s degree is required though it can be in almost any field, then a commercial pilot license and certification from the FAA. Then the pilot will have to acquire several thousand hours of flight time. It is a good field for military pilots after retirement.


Railroad Jobs

This category covers a variety of jobs and pay scales but the average is about $52,500. The jobs include train drivers, schedule coordination, switching and signals coordination. All these jobs require a high school diploma and on the job training. The problem with these types of jobs is they are disappearing. It is expected that railroad opportunities will continue to have a negative growth rate.

Material Management and Movement Occupations

This is a varied field with logistics professionals that are usually degreed and might earn over $50,000 yearly, or moving machine operators in warehouses, factories, mines and construction that earn about $32,000 a year. The non-degreed positions require a high school diploma and on the job training. These jobs are also eligible for membership in the International Union of Operating Engineers, who also offer apprenticeship programs.

Other jobs in the transportation industry include airline attendants earning $37,000 year, water transportation jobs growing at 13% and paying $49,000 to engineers, dock workers, and officers of vessels. On the road, truck drivers need a Commercial Driver’s License and earn about $40,000 year with an 11% growth rate.