Jobs of the Future

Hot Jobs for the Future

As Calgary moves forward into a stronger economic recovery and job recovery, there are now clear trends in the jobs of the future. There are certain professions or types of jobs and categories of jobs that will be hot from now until well into the year 2020. What are these sizzling jobs of the future?

Building Custodians:

Cleaners, maintenance and custodians will be more in demand than ever. These might not be the highest paying jobs in the future, but they will be abundant and require only a high school education. They will be in the low $30,000’s and there will be almost 300, 000 of them.

Home Health Aides

This field will continue to grow as more and more baby boomers retire and age. They will need more help in the future and therefore there will be a need for more home health aides. There will be almost 425,000 jobs with a pay range of $20,800. The Home Health Aid will need training beyond high school but not formal college. Most home health agencies require formal training and sometimes need certification.

CSR or Customer Service Representatives

With a projection of almost 300,000 new jobs in the next 7 years, the Customer Service Representative will be in high demand. As more and more shopping is done online and remotely, the need for good CSRs is evident. Most of these workers are trained on the job and have a high school diploma. They process orders and returns deal with customer complaints and give out information not only for all the products we buy but for all the services we use.

Personal Care Aid

The PCA like the Home Health Aid provides assistance to older or disabled person. They might shop, cut hair, run errands, cook meals and clean. They might also be hired just to provide companionship. Most have high school diplomas and are trained on the job. The compensation is around $20,000 and there with be an additional 590,000 jobs between now and 2022.

Secretaries and Administrative Assistants

This category does not include positions such as executive, legal or medical secretaries. These are the clerical workers in any type of organization, agency or corporation. They file, produce correspondence, support staff and schedule appointments. Education level is high school but computer software skills. It is anticipated that this $32,500 annual job will produce an additional 307,800 new positions.

Registered Nurse

This is the most professional of the jobs offering fast growth between now and 2022. It pays the most and requires the most education. RN’s can work in almost any aspect of patient care including care coordination. They also often provide support for the patient’s families. Becoming an RN requires one of the following: a nursing diploma (not often offered any longer), an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree.

Registered Nurses must be licensed in each state and each state sets their own requirements. The typical salary is $65,500 and there are about 527,000 new jobs coming before 2022.


There are some exciting entry level and professional opportunities that will be available for the next 7 years or so.