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Find a Job While You Have a Job

Everyone says the best time to get a new job in Calgary is when you already have a job. However, everyone always says how hard it is to look for a new job while you already have a job. So how do you go about it? How do you find the time to interview? How do you interview without your boss knowing about it?

Don’t Do It at Work

Tempting as it may be, don’t do any part of your job search at work. None. Not even a hint.  No phone calls to be made or taken in the office. No interviews on your current employer’s time. Take a personal day or call in sick, but don’t do it on a paid lunch hour. Don’t put any work information on your resume or cover letter. Always use your own computer.


It might be hard but it is absolutely essential that you maintain confidentiality during your search. Don’t give away any company secrets to a potential new company. Now on the search side, be careful who knows you are looking. You do not want this to get back to your current employer so the fewer people who know the better. This is counter intuitive to the normal job search where you tell everyone you are looking. In this situation, if at all possible, in your current work environment you tell no one. Your best bet to maintain confidentiality is to work with a recruiter and make sure any prospective employer knows your search is confidential.


Again something that is usually your friend in a job search could be your downfall in a confidential one. Very little on the internet is confidential. If you chose to use any job sites or have a web page and portfolio for the job search you put yourself at risk. You also put yourself at risk if you reply to blind ads.

Social network sites such as Facebook, Linked-in or Twitter are usually dependable and very helpful in the search. However in a confidential search you have to be very careful. Keep your information up to date on these sites. Employers will check these. However do not broadcast your availability if you want to keep your current job until you get a new one.


This is the trickiest part of a job search when you are already working. Interviews should be scheduled on your days off. No phone interviews should be done in your office even on your cell phone.  If you have an interview in the morning and take half a day off, just be sure you don’t go to your current job in the afternoon dressed for the interview, if that is not your usual work attire.

Don’t Burn Bridges

Don’t burn bridges with your current employer, you may need them someday. Even if and after you get your new job, leave your old one gracefully. If you give a two week notice, work out that notice. Don’t go through the motions, do the job. Tell your boss and give appropriate notice before you tell any coworker even your best friend. These are people you can network with down the road and who can help you further your career.