What Job Fits Your Personality

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What Job Fits Your Personality?

Should you be a manager or are you better suited for an independent solo job like an over the road truck driver? How can you know? What color is your parachute? The best way to find out what career to pursue in Calgary might be to take the Myers-Briggs personality test as much research has been done regarding the M-B 16 personalities and the careers that they fit into best. Almost 80% of all Fortune 100 companies use the Myers-Briggs to decide on the best job placement for their employees and assure their success as much as possible.

You can do this for yourself and find out where you should be before you start your Calgary job search.  You can take the test online or contact the company that administers it. Then compare the result of your personality type with the right jobs for your type. Here are some examples.

ESTP: You are a pragmatist who excels in a crisis

ISTP: You are honest and straight forward and prefer to act, not talk.

ESFP: You are playful and value common sense

ISF: You are sensitive and like to help people                      

ESTJ: You are realistic and practical

ISTJ: You are responsible, committed and a hard worker

ESFJ: You are traditional and want to help others

ISFJ: You are determined to help others                                            

ENTJ: You are a natural leader, logical and strategic

INTJ: You are a perfectionist but creative who wants it your way

ENFJ: You are a people person who is energetic

INFJ: You are creative and value integrity

ENTP: You are creative and enjoy challenges

INTP: You are creative and independent; good at solving problems

ENFP: You are creative and confident

INFP: You are an idealist and guided by your values         

Here are some of the career choices that fit these personality types. The ESTP would be successful as a coach, investor or detective while the ISTP would be successful as a pilot, engineer or ER doctor. Looking at the ESFP, they would be primary care doctor, actor or interior designer. The ISFP would excel at massage therapist, physical therapist or a fashion designer.

Looking at the next group the ESTJ could be a lawyer, a judge or a pharmacist. The ISTJ could be an accountant, CFO or a web development engineer.  As an EFSJ could be a social worker, sales rep or PR exec, while the IFSJ could be a dentist, librarian or a customer service rep.

The ENTJ would be happy as a management consultant, a lawyer and a venture capitalist. The INTJ would be happy as an economist, executive or a software developer. The ENFJ would succeed as HR manager, sales manager or corporate trainer. The INFJ is likely to succeed as therapist, customer relations manager or a social worker.

In the final group the ENTP would be successful as an entrepreneur, a real estate developer or a marketing director. The INTP could be a professor, an architect, or a computer programmer. The ENFP would be happy as a journalist, consultant, or an advertising director. The INFP would be happy as psychiatrist, writer or a physical therapist.

So if you are struggling with what you should do with your career, try taking the Myers-Briggs test and finding your way!