Enjoyable Jobs

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The Most Enjoyable Jobs

What are the most enjoyable jobs in Calgary or is it all relative to what the specific person enjoys? Is work supposed to be fun anyway? Whether or not your job is enjoyable really does have a lot to do with what the individual job holder likes.

Here are seven enjoyable jobs all of which pay over $40,000. Most of these jobs don’t require a lot of extra training beyond your current experience. These 7 jobs were deemed enjoyable because those holding the jobs were very satisfied with them and the job had very little stress for the practitioner.

  1. Dance Teacher: Usually need at least two years of experience. You could work with senior citizens, young people and middle aged. The average pay is about $40,300.
  2. National or State Park Ranger: Duties can vary a lot, though the major responsibilities are to the tourists. You must enjoy the outdoors to enjoy this job. The average pay is $41,900.
  3. Wedding Planner: If you love people and you love to organize things this might just be the job for you. Pay is about $49,200.
  4. Interior Decorator: The job of the interior decorator is to make others dreams come true. Salary is $49,900.
  5. Management Social Media: This is a newer profession as they help entrepreneurs to develop social media marketing plans. The median pay is $52,100.
  6. Video Game Designers and Video Game Testers: This job is all about having fun designing new games. This job might require a bachelor’s degree. You must have an aptitude for computer design in order to do this job. The average income is $58,000.
  7. Singer/Musician: You can make a good living even if you are not the “star”. If you can get steady work it can be a good life. Medium income is $59,200.

There are many other enjoyable jobs that do not cause you stress and that you can have fun while doing them. However you will want to be sure that the job pays at least $40,000.Other jobs in this category include: teaching of any kind, clergy, writers, and food or candy taster.