Dress Like Your Career

Handing him her resume

Dress Like the Career You Want           

We have all heard that you should dress for success and it is a very true cliché. There is a way of dressing in the Calgary business community that will bring you more success than other ways of dressing will. Most people assume this is always a coat and tie for guys and suit or conservative dress for women. This is not always the case.

The true byword is to dress like the career you want or the next job you want, not the one you have. How you dress on the job on a daily basis impacts how you feel about yourself and your vision for yourself. It also impacts how management feels about you and how management might see you in higher level jobs.

Not every workplace requires a jacket and tie. You might work where everyone including your boss wears a uniform. There might be subtle differences between what you wear and what your bosses wear. Yet it is important to observe what your boss wears, what your boss’s boss wears and if there is any customer interaction, what your customer wears.

Do your observations, purchase your new clothing and plan what you will wear each day. If you are meeting with clients, dress the way your clients or customers will dress. If you don’t meet with clients, then dress the way your boss is dressing. Whatever your choices are, make sure you dress professionally for the industry you are in.

Don’t forget that dressing for success also means good grooming and accessory selection. Great clothes won’t matter if you forget proper grooming. Make sure you look neat, clean and fresh. Don’t forget how much it can mean to accessorize your look appropriately.

One more thing that is very important, to dress for success does not mean you can’t be fashionable at the same time. Your clothes tell a lot about you, so don’t be so formal that you forget to be fashionable at the same time. And don’t be so fashionable that you forget to be professional as well. Remember, watch what the person in the job you are shooting for is wearing on a day to day. Now make your wardrobe match theirs and you will have a leg up towards that new job.