Dental Hygienist as a Career Option

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Why Becoming a Dental Hygienist is a Great Job Opportunity

If you are considering further education in Calgary and wondering what might be a great career, and you have an affinity for things medical, take a look at the dental hygienist. Of course if you are afraid of dentists this might not be such a good idea, but if not this is one of the best careers of the day.

What are the reasons for this being considered such a good job opportunity and long term career? Let’s look at just a few of the factors that go into this assessment.

Reasons to become a Dental Hygienist

  • Education – it only takes an associate degree which is a two or three year degree after having received a high school diploma or a GED certificate. There is usually a year of prerequisites before the specific dental and biological coursework.
  • Satisfying work – challenging job responsibilities, working with professionals, interaction with patients and knowing that your work makes a difference in people’s lives. There are always new challenges as dentistry itself is always changing and innovations are always just around the corner.
  • Good pay – Average annual salary is over $65,000. This is well above the national average for workers with less than a four year degree.
  • Flexibility – There are a lot of options and choices for dental hygienists. Full and part time jobs are available. If you work for a large practice you can work in more than one office.
  • Job opportunities – one of the fastest growing career tracks in the United States. Growing by almost 4-8% per year across the country. Some areas even project growth in the 10-11% per year. In some states, growth is projected at an incredible 158%.
  • Growth opportunities- with just a year or two of additional education and training, a whole new world of opportunities opens up in fields such as medical technology, clinical laboratory technician, clinical technologist or medical technologist.
  • Ongoing education- even without completing a four year degree. Dental Hygienists are required to take continuing education classes in order to keep their license. In most states there is a requirement of 15-20 hours every two years.
  • New technology – digital radiographs and milling machines can make a crown while the patient waits, and intraoral cameras are today’s innovative technology, while you never know what is coming in the future.

If you have the right personality this just might be the right career for you. You need to be outgoing and enjoy people. You need to be a good listener so that you can sort out what your patients are feeling. Most people are afraid of dentists for one reason or another. You need to be able to tap into those feelings and make the patient feel as comfortable and safe as possible.

So if you are looking for an exciting and fulfilling profession in Calgary, one that pays well enough to put your salary above the national average, one that is constantly innovating and on the cutting edge of the medical field, then the dental hygienist is for you.