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Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are software systems used by organizations to manage the many resumes that they receive for job postings that they place. The ATS sorts, filters and ranks resumes, making the selection process easier for the hiring manager. Anytime you visit a company website and apply for a position listed, your resume is being sent through an ATS. Get your name at the top of the ATS ranking and you’ll improve your chances of getting a job.

Resume Databases (RDB) are online databases, usually found on online job board websites. The RDB sorts many resumes by various skill levels, work experience, industry and education. Online job boards sell access to their RDB’s to organizations, which, in turn, use it to find top level talent to work within their own companies. Recruiters also purchase access to RDB’s to source candidates for their clients. Get your name at the top of the RDB and you’ll improve your chances of getting a job.

Do you ever sit at home wondering why, after sending out your resume over a hundred times, nobody, not even one company or recruiter has called you for an interview? It’s because after sending out your resume, no human actually reads it. You’ve missed the resume writing technique, of writing with keywords and phrases, that triggers a match-response from a computer.

Writing resumes that are optimized for ATS’s and RDB’s, will increase the chances of your resume being viewed by an actual hiring manager, which means more interviews. A strong keyword-rich resume can mean the difference between a hiring manager seeing your first and last name with two stars next to it, which means “don’t waste your time opening this resume” and, seeing your first and last name with five stars next to it, which means “open this resume right now and call this candidate in for an interview”.

All the resumes we write are optimized for scanning software systems but you do have the search for the keywords in each job posting and modify the keywords in your resume to match the job posting each time you apply for a difference job. In order to increase your interview rate, our team of professional resume writers can search for 5 jobs online for you and modify the professional resume we wrote for you, targeting these 5 jobs. These powerful ATS/ RDB optimized resumes will increase the chances of your resume being read by the hiring manager and eventually getting that job. They will also provide you with concrete examples of how you have to change your resume each time for each job posting.

NOTE: You must of have previously ordered resume services from us to use this service. This service can also be ordered at the same time, with another resume service purchase.


Computer Optimization


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