How To Build A Brand

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Building Your Brand        

No matter what your career field might be in Calgary, it is always beneficial these days to building up your own brand. What is a brand? It is what defines you as a professional and a worker. Who are you? What do you stand for? When you see the word Kraft you know the products will be prepared, prepackaged foods and cheeses. Kraft is a brand. It is not logo or a company name. It is a brand. What goes into your brand?

Branding Steps for Your Web Site

  • What is it you have to offer as a candidate that is special? If you were a product what would you be?  What service or talent do you have to offer that others might not?
  • What are your values? Your core values? Everyone has them but not everyone can articulate what they are. Do they fit the core values of the company you are interviewing with? If not find another company to interview with that does share your values as their core values. Your core values should not change as they are the reflection of what really matters to you. What YOU value.
  • What are your gifts, your talents? What can you do better than anyone else you know? What are your gifts and talents that you have been told since childhood that you are good at?
  • What are you passionate about? Just what is it you absolutely love and love to do?
  • List your best qualities. These are part of your brand. List your best qualities as part of your branding process. Which talents and skills do you enjoy the most?
  • Now take all those qualities and make them into a statement or paragraph that is your branding statement. This says who you are, what you believe in and what you are best at.
  • Now post this to your website as your brand and add a tag line to it. This is your personal brand.

No matter what successes or failures you have in your professional life, your brand will live on. For this reason you want to constantly monitor, protect and buildup your brand. Your personal brand allows you to move from one endeavor and even one field to another. Resumes just don’t cut it anymore, but the personally branded website does. It matters who you know. It matters who you are. Your personal brand should cover these items as well.

You want to work with those who share your core values and who believe what you believe. Your true value to any company is wrapped up in what you believe and who you are more than what you have done. What you have done matters but unless the company you work for shares your values and appreciates who you are, then what you have done will not matter nearly enough.