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The Best Jobs in the Financial and Business World

If you are looking for a job in the financial or business world in Calgary, the news is generally very good. It is particularly good if you have a college degree or advanced degree. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) these fields should grow by around 13% through 2022 with an additional 900,000 jobs being created. The current annual salary for this industry is around $63,000 but of course there is a lot of variety in the jobs that are in the financial and business fields. Salary ranges from the high end to entry level in both finances and business.

The financial part of this category includes anything from the financial analyst to the entry level bookkeeper. In business there are CEO, market analysts and human resource personnel. Here are some of the best jobs currently and into the future for those in business and finance according to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

For those on the business side, the Marketing Manager will earn at least $120,000 with growth in the field expected to be around 13% for the next decade. The next best job in on the financial side as Financial Managers will earn around $115,000 with a 9% growth rate.

A Business Operations Manager will earn around $100,000 and the field will see a 12% increase in jobs. At the same time Operations Research Analysts will earn $75,000 and see a growth of about 27% in this job. This reason growth is so much higher for this job is in the nature of the job itself. If you can consistently solve important problems, your skills will be in great demand. The ORA helps business and the Armed Forces solve complex logistical problems.

Financial Advisors should be in the area of $68,000 with a growth rate of 27% for the same reason as the ORA. They solve problems and make recommendations regarding the performances of bonds and stocks.  Accounts come in next at $63,000 with a growth rate of 13%.

Back on the business side, Compliance Officers or Quality Control Directors will see very little growth in their field, projected only at 4%. They will earn about $62,000 per year for the jobs that currently exist. Those 4% new jobs will be enforcing a lot of new regulations in business with a much higher salary – around $100,000.

Market Research Analysts earn considerably less than managers and considerably more than entry level at $60,000. The growth rate however is the fastest in the category at 32% as more companies use research to determine their marketing and advertising campaigns.

The last two jobs in the top ten include the Event and Convention Planners who earn $46,000 a year with a good growth rate as well at 32%. Finally bookkeepers, auditors and accounting clerks will earn about $35,000 with an 11% growth rate.

So if you are interested in a career in finances or business in Calgary you can prepare yourself for one of these!