2015 IT Jobs

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IT Jobs for 2015

Are you in Calgary and looking for a new job in Information Technology for this new year? What are you interested in? Do you need more money? Prestige? Better hours? Whatever it is there is probably an IT job out there for you in 2015.

2015 IT Positions in Need

1. Web Developers create web sites for others, sometimes including writing ongoing content and providing, as needed, appropriate images. The web developer or designer is also responsible for the functioning of the site – all the background functions to support performance, capacity and placement on search engines.

The web developer might work on their own as an independent contractor from their home or work for a web development company or a large scale client. A good web designer can earn about $28-$30 per hour.

2. Systems Engineers or Software Developers are also involved with web sites as well as in-house systems and cloud technology. They develop the applications for the in house systems, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices.

They might work for a company like Apple that writes a lot of their own applications for sale to customers, or they might work for a company writing applications only for in house use.  The pay level for this type of job is around $45 – $50 per hour.

3. IT Research Scientists are in high demand right now. These are true R&D (research and development) jobs that are mostly filled by IT scientists rather than engineers or technicians. Their work has a long view rather than a short development to market view. Their job is to discover and create new technologies and new applications as well as new uses for current technologies. The pay level here is $50 to $60 per hour.

4. Information Technology Planning Managers have actually created their own role in the business community over the past ten years. These professionals evaluate and make decisions on all projects in the IT Department of their company. In many companies this is a vice-president level. This is also a quality control position making sure any new IT systems or applications meet any appropriate regulations and that any new systems were compatible with any current ones. You might imagine that this is a six figure job with the Manager earning $100,000 to$200,000 per year.

5. Information Security Analysts are perhaps the most in high demand as the need for security grows faster than the means to provide it. This position develops security measures and systems for company networks, systems and consumer devices. This position pays about $43 to $45 per hour.

Of course, in Calgary, many of these if not all of these jobs require anything from a four year degree to a Ph.D. Maybe because of this, many of these jobs are hard to fill. However if you have the credentials and want a new job, there are going to be plenty of them available.

According to one recent study, 54% of all IT companies plan to make new and additional jobs available this year.